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This is a FanFiction written by Ginger. This is a non-canon story. Ginger does not own Warriors and asks you to not copy this work. Enjoy!

Whistlepaw has a love that can never be allowed. Wavepaw is supposed to love someone he hates. The two find each other....and a spark commences...

Love is a strange thing. Love is not hard like thistles. It is complicated like a whistle on a wave.

It is not as soft as fur. Love is beautifal, like a contented purr.

Love is delicate like a shard of ice. But love comes at a high price.

"Whistlepaw!"  I'm Whistlepaw, of SeaClan. We live on the shore, our dens built in the cliff. They're quite cosy, but I love it. Its my home, the best place ever. But another place is a best place ever.  Its my head. I keep daydreaming about him.  We would be perfect together.  I mean, RockXWhistle. What is better? Tell me.  This is the introduction to my story. Hold on a second, I'll tell you more later.  My stuipid mentor is calling for training.  Yeah,  Seaheart. Named after SeaClan...big git.

Rock falls hard, crashing on those below. It makes the whistle lie low. 

Love can be ignored, and craved.

The whistles craves what she will never have, the wave is forced to love. 

A dove so arrogant he can complain. 

One who wants, one who must. Shake off the rust, before the gust.

Wavepaw is my name. Wavepaw of ShoreClan. I can't believe what my father,  Shellstar just told me. I'm supposed to love Dovepaw. Dovepaw, of all people.  Arrogant and proud. Shellstar said that our clan was falling apart and we, when we were warriors, as mates, could bring it together. Our neighbor,  SeaClan, is pretty arrogant. Dovepaw should live there. Us ShoreClan, we are really calm, most of the time. I don't really believe in love.  Its not me.  That business is all for Blackpaw, the yellow-eyed black tom. Thats him. Urgh. Damn, I have to go. Patrol.  Bye, then. 

Awkard silences are a disease. 

Freezing the love for seemingly endless weeks. 

Climb the ragged peaks of loveThe journey's hard, but true love can make it. 

Along the journey, arguments can cut the love. But it heals, and love carries on. 

Since the dawn of time, love has survived. 

Surviving on happinessess, it glows as it dives.

Hey, its me again. Whistlepaw. Training was AMAZING. Better then usual. Because....I got paired with Rockpaw!  I tackled him to the ground like Seaheart instructed and he even licked me! Major......amazingness. I told my best friend,  Oceanpaw. She was so jealous.  So I took a walk,  at the edge of our border where it melted into ShoreClan's territory-the open plains of sand. I love my rocky land, with rocks to explore, more than this wide open place.  I sat, and tried to ignore the rush to run. How do warriors sit still and watch the world? But then I heard a voice, and pawsteps. A young tom's voice said. "Go ahead, I think I saw a sand-rat." Ugh, ShoreClan's sand-rats.  I paw the sand, scuffling it around.