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Welcome to my userpage!
Enjoy your stay!

I am an admin now, so I give a gold star to this wiki ★

Ranks I have been:

Kit- New member

Apprentice- Daily editor

Warrior- Chat mod

Senior Warrior- Admin

In case you didn't know, I can code pretty well, so if you need a signature, This is the girl to ask!

Some siggies I made:


Cleverpelt meow meow

MapleshadeFall is coming early this year...

|My Sigs!|

About me

Roleplays: Mistsky, Swiftpine, Beechpaw, Squirrelpaw, Darkash, Streakstar, Tinypaw, Lapwingheart, Froststripe, Rowanleap, Lightflower, Snowstream, Ink, Tigerpaw, Daisypaw, Mudtail, Dawnsplash, Smokekit, Leafkit, Spottedkit, Morningkit, Clawpaw, Ooobis, Skyflower, Goldstar, Quickwind, Runningfur, Redpaw, Rainwater, Sunscar, Blizzardkit, Greykit, Blackkit and Brindlekit

Owns: FernClan. Please join us!


Name: Clever

Real name: You'll never guess.

Age: 10-200. Happy guessing!

Home: Somewhere over the rainbow

Favourite good cat: Cinderpelt

Favourite bad cat: Tigerstar

Favourite songs: Skyfall, Blame it on the Rain (He is We version), Rubik's Cube, What Hurts the Most.

Favourite game company: Nintendo

Weird stuff[]

  • Moths scare me

  • I hate when the Clans go to the mountains

  • I am Canadian

  • My brother ate cat food once

  • I do not live in Hawaii

  • Search up '2204355' on google and click 'I'm feeling lucky'

  • My favourite season is fall/autumn

  • Je suis un fille

  • Je parler une petite peu de français

  • This is my first roleplay site