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About Me![]

Hi my names Alina.Im in grade 4 and I live in Clagary.I love warrior books and my friend hawk told me about this wiki and I joined.I love cats and i really want to get a pet one but aparently I'm too young:(My favourite colours are hot pink and sky blue.My favourite food is french fries and I hate pizza now because we had it 4 days in a row.

creepy venus


  • Hawkbreath
  • cleverpelt
  • leopardfire
  • Gingerstripe


Favourite good cats:[]

  • dovewing
  • sandstorm
  • Cinderheart
  • Sorreltail
  • Firestar
  •  Ferncloud

Least favourite good cats

  • Spiderleg
  • Squirelflight
  • Crowfeather
  • Ivypool
  • Rownclaw
  • Dawnpelt