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I am your admin.

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Hay, little writer. How are you? You have come across the amazing Gingerstripe's page. Have fun(if you can) or get away if your a hater. Above are some links about me. <3 you all.

-I am your admin

-I am actually not that cool. Kinda weird, actually.

-I love my 'boyfriends' at school and often ramble about them<3

-No seriously, I do love them.

-I. Flipping. Love. Warrior. Cats.

-You dont want to be angry with me


-I can make siggies(ask on my talk!)

-I am lazy. Very lazy. I make excuses.

-I love writing and everything, but you may hear me say I HATE EVERYTHING.

-This will generally get shorter as I run out of ideas-and bothering.

-Listening to random songs is Ginger.

-If I say sure, I can get on at that time I wont. I'll forget.

-I am a Harry Potter fan.

- I roleplay Gingerstar, Aquastar, Starrypaw, Streakpaw, Spottypelt and Redclaw. 

-I am increasingly tired and not really bothered to write this. BAI!