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Sunkit is a small ginger tabby male with green eyes and was born as an unhealthy kit, lacks an undercoat.


Currently Leafclan (undiscovered)


Sunkit can be Over protective if he finds something he has a liking to, although he will find himself getting bored with things in normal life. He can be very unpredictable, his moods can often switch very drastically and abruptly in situations that get to him. He is typically brave and tries to be friendly, although he can get aggressive and go out of control. He is very obsessive despite the fact he does not like affection at all, adding to this fact he is not very open to others and tends to keep things to himself, making him good at keeping secrets. Although he doesn't think battle strategies out, he does think when in tricky situations and will even go as far as lying and manipulating others and because he is so good at this he can see right through other cat's lies and emotions making him somewhat unfoolable. He is very self-confident on the decisions he makes, believing he can make no errors outside of other's expectations. Sunkit is ambitious, with putting all effort to fulfill his own goal and is careful not to make mistakes.

Family tree[]

Mother: Swallowbreeze (Formerly Stormclan, Rogue)

Fostermother: unnamed (Leafclan)

Father: Moonpelt(Leafclan)

Brother(s): Foxkit, unnamed, unnamed (Leafclan), and Skykit (residence unknown)

Sister(s): Lightkit (Leafclan)

Kit(s): none

Mate(s): none

Crushing on: none