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Some of you probably know this story from WFW but I wanted to post it here anyways it's so special <3

Based on a true story[]

R.I.P.I.S Freddy <3 (Rest in peace in StarClan):

 I will always remember his soft, sleek black pelt as he looked up at me with his blazing green eyes filled with love and kindness. He will ALWAYS be remembered especially in Starclan EVEN THOUGH he was partly a kittypet, he was truly a wild cat, a Warrior at heart. I will never forget him.. <3

Author's Note: Like it says above this is based on a true story about a veryy special cat in my life. This story will be taken from his point of view. I might make it so each chapter switches points of views between me and him.. I don't know... Please comment! Well I hope you enjoy! ~Hawk~

Love is like friendship on fire~ 06:44, January 12, 2014 (UTC)


(This part is made up, since it is Unknown what happened in his early years)

"Tell me again! Again!" The black kitten squeaked as he looked up to his mother.

"Oh I suppose!" She burried her nose into her kit's soft fur. She began to tell her little kit his favorite story until she saw him yawn and his eyes starting to close sleepily, as she was finishing the story, "And the pink pelts come and snatch the kit away and raise them, themselves."

The kits green eyes stared at his mother he loved so much, "Will that happen to me...?" He asked innocently.

"No my little kit, no one can ever take you away from me, my Freddy..." She snuggled him closer to her as he felt more safe. "Now, go to sleep my precious one," She whispered, "Sweet dreams..."


Crunch! The she-cat raised her head alert for danger, Crunch! Crunch! "Freddy.." She gently nudged her sleeping kit, "Wake up!"

Freddy half awake raised his head, "Wha-....What's going on...?"

"We have to get out of here, NOW" She hissed as the noise got closer.

"Mmmm.. Can't I sleep for a little longer..." He rested his head back down.

"Oh, I wish my little one," She said in sympathy, "But we have to mov-" She froze as a tall tom pink pelt leaned over her. Her eyes widened petrified and frozen. The pink pelt bent down to reach for the little black kit.

"NOOO, you can't take him!!" She tried to fight the pink pelt but he simply flicked her away as carried Freddy in his arms.

"Mu-Mother!! What's going on?!" The poor little kit was frantic, trying to escape the strong grip.

The she-cat tried to race along next to the pink pelt as he got into his Moving Box with her kit. "Freddy!!" She yowled, "NOOO" She ran alongside the pink pelt and jumped reaching for her kit. She missed and as she landed tripped on a bramble and fell.

"Mother!! Don't leave me!!" The motherless kit cried.

"I'll miss you..." Freddy's mother whispered to herself as the Moving Box left with her one and only kit....

Chapter One~[]

"Mroww!!" My side burned with pain as my housefolk kicked me in my side. I didn't even do anything! The pink pelt walked away normally as I staggered, wincing. I looked up at the sky, Why does this happen to me? Who left me here with this cruel Pink Pelt?

He didn't remember any of his early years.. All he remembered was landing here with his housefolk. He felt the ground rumble the air quiver, ugh not another- WHOOSH- A Moving Box rumbled past as the air blasted against his face.

"Freddyyy! Oh Freddy!" It sounded sweet at first, so tempting, but he knew better than to go. The sound of the voice changed to what was like an angry hiss, "WHERE ARE YOU, YOU LITTLE LUMP OF NOTHING!!" The pink pelt kit started to walk up to Freddy as he trembled his eyes widening and his ears pointing back in fear. He hissed, but the tom pink pelt kept running towards his.Oh no! It's no use! As Freddy ran from his housefolk under their Moving Box.

Is this how life will always be....? He lived with these pink pelt for as long as he could remember. Now that he thought of it, he didn't remember anything from when he was a little kit. All he knew was just one day, he came here....

But in the back of his mind, there was a memory...But he just couldn't trace it...


My stomach was empty as I walked up to my food bowl. The food was old and tastless and the water was stale but I ate anyways. I sat beneath my favorite tree next to another pink pelts house. At least they don't kick me and hurt me... But now that I thought about it, I rarley ever saw those pink pelts.

I nestled his nose under my paws and hoped for a long deep sleep.

"What did you say his name was?" A voice whispered.

My ear's prickeled up but I kept my eyes closed.

"I think...It's Freddy...?Isn't that what our neighbors call him?" A different voice spoke.

Ney-bors..?? What is that?

"Let's try! Freddyyy! Freddy!!" the first voice said sweetly.

The poor cat has had bad experiences with pink pelts and he didn't want it to happen again. But this time..the vioce was different...it was a kind, heart-warming voice. He decided to open one of his shining green eyes.

I heard a gasp, "Oh Justina look!! I flinched at the sudden noise.

"SHHH. You're scaring him!" This so called "Justina" said.

"Sorry," The voice now whispered, "Freddyy, come here little guy. We won't hurt you!"

I wanted to go up to them and rub them and purr, but I wasn't ready to trust these pink pelts so quickly...

Chapter Two~[]

The wind started to blow hard and I felt little wet droplets soak into my fur. It soon became very very strong and rain poured down on me. I was shivering with coldness as I had to get inside.

I scratched my claws on my housefolk's door but they didn't answer. I began to meow loudly, continuing to scratch but still no one answered. I knew they were in there.

I tried to settle beneath my favorite tree but it was still cold on the pokey ground and rain still found a way to get to me. There was no where to go, no one to look after me... Then, a thought came to me. I remembered the pink pelts the other day and their sweet voices.

From under my tree I looked to the side of me in which I thought was the den of the other pink pelts. I stood up and shook my fur. Little drops of water shook everywhere as water continued to drip from my pelt.

I walked right up to the door of the pink pelts and stood there for a second. Was I crazy? Was I really going to do this...?

But what other choice do I have...?

Taking a deep breath, I scratched on the pink pelts door and waited. After a while the door slowly opened, as I let out a long, meaningful, meow...


Freddy watched hesitantly as the door slowly opened. A small pink pelt, one of the ones he saw last time, stood there, her mouth opened in a gasp. She then very slowly, began to squat down, keeping her eyes still locked in contact with his until she was all the way down. She held out her long paw and sat there quietly.

She didn't make a sound.

Freddy, being very curious, began to slowly move forward. 

Step by step.

As I drew closer I felt my heart beating faster. Strangly enough, I heard the pink pelt's heart beating just as fast, at the same time..

It was like their hearts' were beating as one.

As I reach just close enough I bow my head down and the pink pelt slowly reaches down, and touches my fur.