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Author's Note: Fanfic by Hawk! What would the forest be like today if Tigerclaw/star was good? This is from Tigerstar's point of view. Enjoy~  You cannot live with a paw in each world.Only you can choose your destiny 00:21, September 23, 2013 (UTC)


Cats leaped into the air, roaring their battle crys. Tigerclaw hissed, "Oakheart! How dare you hunt on Thunderclan territory!.

"After tonight this will just be another part of Riverclan" Oakheart replied back with a grin.

Suddenly, more and more Riverclan cats started to appear. They were being out numbered! Thunderclan cats were dying as quickly as Riverclan swiftly killed them.

"Retreat Thunderclan! Retreat!" the Thunderclan deputy yowled.

"To coward to fight Redtail" Oakheart meowed as he extended his claws and jumped on Redtail.

"N-Never!!" Redtail struggled beneath Oakheart's sharp claws.

Tigerclaw jumped on Oakheart as they wrestled and Redtail was catching his breath.

Tigerclaw fought until him muscles ached when he finally pinned Oakheart down sinking his claws into his pelt just when he was about to finish him off, he remembered.. A warrior does not have to kill in order to win. Bluestar's words rang in his ears from when he was an apprentice. He slightly let go of Oakhearts fur and slowly stepped back letting his Riverclan clanmates take his body back to Riverclan.

"Thank you Tigerclaw, I would have surley died without you!" Redtail breathed in relief.

"Come on. Let's all go back to camp" as he looked over at his injured clanmates. He spotted Ravenpaw struggling to walk. He walked over to him.

"Here lean on my shoulder," As he gave him support, "You better get those wounds checked out by Spottedleaf!"

"O-Ok Tigerclaw.." Said Ravenpaw still shaken from his first battle.

Tigerclaw and the rest of the battle patrol reached camp worn out as they flopped down waiting for Spottedleaf to check them. Bluestar jumped on the highrock.

"I am so proud of all the brave warriors who went on that battle patrol and risked their life for our clan. We need new kits and apprentices so that when the time comes we will be more ready!" She looked up to the sky then said, "I feel that when the time is right, Starclan will send us our solution." As she jumped down from the highrock, and into her den.

Chapter 1