Goldstar is a a light ginger-gold she-cat with light turquoise eyes and tabby stripes.

Current Allegiance FernClan
Past Allegiances None

Kit: Goldkit

Apprentice: Goldpaw

Warrior: Goldstep

Queen: Goldstar

Deputy: Goldstep

Leader: Goldstar

Mother Unknown
Father Duskfang
Littermates Sunscar (brother)
Mate Unknown
Kit(s) Redpaw
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Dawnsplash
Status Alive, FernClan member
Role-Played by Cleverpelt


Became a queen when she was leader, Rainwater took lead. Had a past deputy, Slyleaf. She died in battle. Leader after Riverstar.


Fiercely protective of her Clan, an amazing and loyal leader. Has a soft side for kin, and likes kits. She is nice, wise, a diplomat, but will lead her Clan into battle if needed.


Her mother was taking a walk while she felt kicking in her stomach, and she realized her kits were coming. Duskfang, her mate, was with her. He fetched Flameshade, who was the medicine cat at the time. She successfully gave birth to two kits, who would later become Goldstar and Sunscar. Goldpaw and Sunpaw became apprentices a little before Skykit, Quickkit, and Runningkit, but a little bit after Rainpaw. Goldpaw trained harder than any apprentice, earning her warrior name, Goldstep. 5 moons later, Dawnkit and Smokekit were born. Smokekit died, he was sickly kit, but Dawnpaw lived up to be Goldstep's apprentice. when Dawnsplash became a warrior, Duskfang retired of blindness and Goldstep became Riverstar's deputy. When he died, Goldstar received her nine lives. As her deputy, she appointed Slyleaf, who was killed in battle. Rainwater took her place, and she took over when Goldstar had her kit. Redpaw became an apprentice, and Goldstar resumed her role as leader.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Duskfang

Brother: Sunscar

Son: Redpaw

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