gray tabby aka dovewing

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Chapter One Edit

Dovewing!You're expecting kits!"Cinderheart said with excitement in her mew.Cinderheart had recently moved to the nursery, expecting Lionblaze's kits."What!"Dovewing said."So who's the father?"Cinderheart asked."The father can't be Tigerheart"Dovewing thought."If it's not him then it has to be...."Her gaze landed on Bumblestripe."The father is Bumblestripe right?"Cinderheart asked."Yes.The father is Bumblestripe,Dovewing answered.She walked up to Bumblestripe."Bumblestripe can I talk to you in private?"Dovewing asked"Sure, Bumblestripe said. "Are you okay?" he asked with a worried exspression on his face."Bumblestripe I'm expecting kits!"Dovewing said, unable to hide the excitment in her mew."What?Do you mean our kits?"Bumblestripe asked."Yes.Our kits."Dovewing purred.The two walked back to the clan and by the time they got back almost the whole clan knew."Wow!Doesn't take long for the word to spread around does it?"Bumblestripe said with a smile.  Edit


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