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Brightdapple lives in a Clan of traitors. Darkcrystal leads them all with an iron paw. But some want to join Thymestar and rebellion against this Clan of rogues. But will they win? Radioactive, Radioactive 00:27, September 24, 2013 (UTC)


Section one: The start of border number one

Section one-2: The end of border number one and the start of border number two

Section two-3: The end of border number two and the start of border number three

Section three-4: The end of border number three and the start of border number four

Section four: The end of border number four

Stretch between the Great River and the Fourstones: An area between the Great River and the Fourstones. The river borders the west, east and south sides of the Fourstones, but not north, which is towards camp

Bright Light, Dark World[]

M-May I come in?” asked Brightdapple

“Yes, come in,” replied a leathery voice from inside the den.

“Darkcrystal, we have scented Thymestar on the borders.” I reported to our “leader.”

“Thymestar!” hissed Darkcrystal, lashing her tail. “Leave it to her to lead a rebellion on us!”

“I also have a message.” Brightdapple mewed dully.

“Who from?” asked Darkcrystal interestedly.

Brightdapple looked at Darkcrystal, the once-rogue who was now our leader. She had fur darker than black, and a purple crystal around her neck. She had a spiked tendril around her paw, signifying she was once a kittypet.

“Well?” demanded Darkcrystal.

“Pebbleflower.” Brightdapple mewed.

Pebbleflower was one of Darkcrystal’s followers. She was a light grey she-cat with blue eyes, a blue crystal around her neck, and a spiked blue tendril around her paw.

“What did she say?” Asked Darkcrystal.

Brightdapple began to repeat what Pebbleflower had said. “Thymestar’s scent on border number two. Her warriors, Redsnow and Blackstreak were scented at the cross between the Great River and the Fourstones. Mouse blood was at section one.”

“Thymestar just won’t give up, will she?” Darkcrystal gave a sigh. “Very well. Get Clawstrike to send out groups to those areas.”

“Yes, Darkcrystal.” Replied Brightdapple.

"And check on the prisoners!" Added Darkcrystal.