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This is a fanfiction by Leopardfire Your gonna hear me R O A R 02:18, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

This is a true story about a cat I have seen around my neighborhood, I'm not sure if he has a home or not, I don't think he does, but if he does they don't take care of him very well. He occasionally comes through my backyard and when I see him walking in my neighborhood I pet him, and he seems very friendly. I have considered taking him home with me but, all of my family except for me are allergic to cats. I have taken to calling this orange long haired tom, Charlie. It will be from his point of view, of how I invision he lives like.


My belly growled with hunger as I wondered through my Twolegs, den. I walked up to the biggest twoleg who was sitting on the couch and looking at something on a glowing object, and started meowing hoping that he would give me food. He looked down at me and said "What do you want?" I just stared at him. "Come on, cat what do you want!" I started to back up for I could sense the anger in his voice. He picked up a piece of paper, and chased me trying to swat me with it, until he caught up to me and struck me across the face with the paper. I staggered backwards and he hit me again, and again, and again, until I fell to the ground. Then he picked me up and carried me to the door, he opened it then threw me outside, into the poring rain. I lay there cold, wet.... and still very hungry. I didn't even bother looking up when I heard a rustling behind me. Then a mouse ran right in front of me! Food! I thought to myself. I got up very slowly and pounced, I caught it and started ripping it apart in hunger. Suddenly one of the smaller twolegs came out of the house. "What do you have there kitty?" he asked. When he noticed what I was eating he gasped "Eww! Don't eat that!" When he tried to take the mouse away from me I hissed at him. That made him angry,he kicked my side and I flew backwards and hit the fence. "How dare you hiss at me! Bad cat! Bad cat!" I ran and hopped the fence, I could still hear the twoleg yelling "And never come back you useless animal!" I heard him say. So I never did I stayed away from that house, to live my life as a loner.